Courses Taught at New York University

ANTH-UA 321: Ideas of Nature and Society

ANTH-UA 1: Human Societies and Cultures

ANTH 81: Global Cities: Anthropological Perspectives

ENVST 495: Urban Greening Lab: New York

V99.0103: Cities in Global Context

V99.0501.003: Research Methods in Social and Cultural Analysis

V18.0090: Urban Environmentalism

V36.0101: Environment and Society

V36.0450: Topics in Environmental Values and Society: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

V36.0950: Honors Seminar in Environmental Research

G13.2304: Socionature and the Utopian Imaginary

SCA-UA 680: Topics in Metropolitan Studies: Cultural Politics of Sustainable Cities

ENVST-UA 450:Topics in Environmental Studies: Introduction to Urban Political Ecology Theory and Method

SCA-UA 42-002:Internship Seminar